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Last month, CMEP held a conference, at a church in Washington DC, to train women how to harass Israel. The badly misnamed organization "Churches for Middle East Peace” said of itself before the seminar: "This week, CMEP is holding a conference, at a church in Washington DC, to train women how to harass Israel. The official theme is "And Still We Rise: Transforming USA Policy Toward a Just Middle East”. By which they mean transforming it from pro-Israel to anti-Israel. Two days of speakers and discussions were followed by a day in which the delegates lobbied members of Congress to stop being so sympathetic to Israel. Two of the speakers at the Washington conference were women who proclaim that they are Jews who have embraced Christianity. Unfortunately, according to the seminar brochure, after the conference, "the Middle East delegates will share about their peace-building work on speaking tours around the United States.” Conservative and evangelical churches in the United States remain overwhelmingly pro-Israel. Still, there is good reason to be concerned that some liberal Christians, such as those affiliated with Churches for Middle East Peace and the Presbyterian Church USA, have become among the most vocal denouncers of Israel on today’s scene. (INN) Intercede that Christians and Jews participating in anti-Israel activities will be set free from unbalanced information and spiritual deception. Pray that their intents to influence members of Congress and other government official will fall flat.

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