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Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, on Wed. 11 July 2018 called on the Security Council to condemn the infiltration of Israeli airspace by an unmanned aerial vehicle launched from Syria. "Earlier today, an unmanned aerial vehicle was launched from Syria into Israel, penetrating 9.6 kilometers into Israeli airspace and threatening the safety and security of Israel’s northern cities and towns. Thankfully, the Israel Defense Forces intercepted the UAV, preventing the possibility of a more serious security incident,” Danon wrote to the Council. He noted that Wednesday’sincident comes during a time of heightened tensions on Israel’s border with Syria. "We have repeatedly warned the Security Council of the destabilizing activities taking place in Syria and the threats they pose to Israel and the Middle East. I urge the Security Council to condemn this dangerous act that not only threatens Israel, but the stability of the entire region,” Danon concluded. The UAV was intercepted by an Israeli Patriot missile. The launch of the missile caused sirens to sound in communities in the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley. (INN) Urgent prayer is needed for the safety and protection of Israel’s northern region. Threats include spill over from Syria’s violent civil war and a significant Iranian presence in that country; additionally the possibility of a serious earthquake after a series of small quakes in the past week. Residents in the Tiberias area have reported being nervous about going to bed at night and not knowing if explosive noises they are hearing are due to earthquakes or related to missiles and military activities.

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